Why You’re Still Not Losing Weight, Or Losing Weight Fast Enough, Despite Working Hard for It?

The perfect body differs from person to person. But attaining the perfect body is a common dream among many of us. If you work out regularly, but are failing to see results, it can definitely be disheartening. Here are a few reasons for why you may not be losing weight, or only be losing weight slowly…

You Might Not Be Doing the Right Exercise

If you’re new to working out in general, it can be a little overwhelming simply to start. After all, there are so many types of exercises to do and try; from weight training, to reformer Pilates Melbourne eastern suburbs. However, one thing to remember is that exercises work best when you do them “custom made” to suit your body type, as well as your body goal. This means that an exercise that worked on a friend or colleague, might not actually work for you. Try to educate yourself more about the type of exercise to do that suit you exclusively.

You Might Not Be Doing the Right Exercises, The Right Way

If you’ve managed to find the exact type of exercise to suit your body, and meet your body’s goals, and are still to see results, it’s possible that you may not be performing these exercises the right way. This is especially possible if you’ve never done these types of work outs before. For best (and the safest) results, consider hiring a professional to help you through your routine. A fitness instructor can not only correct you in places you’re going wrong, they can also enhance your workouts with their own experiences.

You Might Not Be Eating the Right Foods

The nutrition plays a significant part in losing weight successfully. The right foods need to be consumed before and after workouts in order to provide your body with sufficient energy to see a workout through successfully. Consuming the right foods is also vital for muscle rebuilding, again something that can affect the speed of your weight loss, as well as the efficiency of your workout. For best results, contact a dietician in regards to this. If not, even your local gym instructed could provide valuable information.

You May Not Be Sleeping Enough

Though it’s still very much a mystery why humans sleep, the benefits on sleep on our physical and mental wellbeing is very prominent. Not getting enough sleep not only aids in weight gaining, it also delays your process in losing weight. As an adult, you must be aiming to sleep at least 7-9 hours in order to fully reap the benefits of sleep. However, this “number of hours” is nothing concrete; you might even be able to fully function in merely 5-6 hours of sleep¾so listen to your body.

You May Be Falling Back on Your Hydration Game

Like sufficient sleep and proper nutrition, proper hydration too is vital for successfully losing weight. Proper hydration not only quickens your muscle recovery time, it also helps your body to be energized when working out; allowing you to perform better. It also regulates your body’s temperature and lubricates your joints, further helping you work out successfully, which inevitably results in losing weight faster.

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