How Do You Keep Your Skin Healthy?

You may be looking to take care of your skin. There are many ways you can do this, with the best being discussed below. So, read ahead.

The Sun

The matter of the fact is, the sun is your enemy. It produces harsh UV rays that really destroy your skin. The rays are so bad as they destroy the collagen in your skin.

With this happening, your skin will start sagging. Unfortunately, repairing such damage is very difficult unless you’re committed. 

That’s why you should think about wearing as much sun screen as possible.  Of course, this isn’t the only thing that could help.

You could go the extra mile and wear full coverage clothes. The fabric would shield you from the sun completely. Along with sun screen, this is a killer combo. That being said, you might start to really sweat, so keep this in mind.

On A More Serious Note:

The sun shoots harmful UV rays at you. This can cause skin cancer, leaving you making appointments at places like the  Sydney skin cancer clinic.


Water is essential if you want to live a healthy life. It’s the medium for most metabolic reactions in our body. Because of this, it keeps us alive.

Not just this, water helps your skin stay plump without it drying out. The last thing you’d want is dry skin.


Smoking is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. It will kill your skin, making you age way faster than you should. This is as the smoke causes the blood vessels near the surface of the skin to contract. This causes less blood flow to your skin.

You probably aren’t aware, but this is horrible as your skin won’t be fed with nutrients. Ultimately, the cells will start to die.

And the waste products produced by the skin cells won’t be collected by the blood, so they’ll gunk up the surface.

Smoking is also bad for you as it kills collagen. Collagen is essential in keeping your skin plump. It also kills elastin which keeps the skin bouncy.

What Soaps Do You Use?

You need to be very careful about the type of soaps you use. Some soaps are very strong so they get rid of the oil in your skin. You may think this is a good think as oil causes your skin to be greasy. Although true, this only happens when in excess.

Your skin naturally produces oils and this is perfectly normal. If you were to wipe this layer completely, your skin would start to dry out. Not just this, it would lose its characteristic glow, making you look almost dead.

How Often Do You Bathe?

Similar to a strong soap used, if you wash your face a lot, you’re going to kill the oil layer in your skin. This not just happens when you wash your face often, but also when you wash it with hot water.

In conclusion, following the above tips are some great, basic ways to keep your skin healthy and lively. So, hopefully, you found the above points useful as they were carefully curated for you.

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