Are You Concerned About Menopause?

Different women may have different side effects or symptoms during menopause. That is because the level of estrogen used by the parts of the body differs from woman to woman. If you are a woman and the level of estrogen is less you can have various symptoms. Even though most women experience mild symptoms that can be treated through changes in lifestyles such as avoidance of caffeine or even simply carrying a fan that is portable to use when you’re sweating excessively which is also known as a “hot flash”. Here are some of the most common changes that you might experience during this phase.

Noticeable Hot-Flashes

Most women experience hot flashes! It’s a normal thing. It can last a few years even after menopause. It can be related to changes in estrogen levels. But what is a hot flash? It is a sudden feeling of a very strong heat in the upper part or even all of your body. During a hot flash, your neck and face become flushed. Red marks might appear on the chest, arms and back. Even shivering or heavy sweating might follow.

These flashes might be mild sometimes but they can also become as strong enough to bother you during your sleep which is also called ‘night sweats’. Most of the time hot flashes can last from thirty seconds to ten minutes. They can even occur several times during an hour, a few times during a day or even just once a week or twice a week.

Changes In The Monthly Cycle

Most of the time, changes in the monthly cycle will be the first thing you will notice. Your periods might no longer be consistent, it can be either longer than usual or shorter than usual. You might even bleed less or more than you usually do.

Don’t be worked up, these are normal changes, but to clarify that there isn’t any issue to be concerned you should visit a doctor if you have symptoms such as if your periods occur close together, if you have heavy bleeding, if you have spotting, if your periods lasts more than seven days and if your periods resume after there is no bleeding for more than twelve months. If you gain weight you can consult a doctor on how to manage weight loss with menopause.

Extra Vaginal Dryness

Your vagina might get drier during menopause. This can make sexual intercourse very uncomfortable hence it is better if you can consult a doctor soon if it occurs.

Loss Of Bladder Control

This could be a very serious health issue. Bladder infections can be a very irritating problem. For some women it can be hard to hold the urine for a long time until they can get to a bathroom. The loss of control of the bladder is called ‘incontinence’. Sudden want to urinate or leakage of urine during laughing, exercise and sneezing can be common characteristics of loss of bladder control.

Some fortunate women do not require any sort of treatment at all. Some other symptoms can be even more problematic. But remember, some of the changes can be related directly to aging rather than to menopause, hence it is better if you visit a doctor soon!

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